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Being an Indie musician...

Being an Indie musician is challenging. To be on top of things. Getting your website published, promoting your concerts and music, organising them(!!), keeping in touch with clients and fellow musicians, managing social media presence, figuring out finances, income and expenditure, being present in the family, having a social life, and after all this to find time to practice and make music! It's 1:20am and I just published my website. Something I have been procrastinating for a long long time! I am tired, sleepy, thirsty, but I am happy.

Need to keep marching ahead in this lonely path. Music is too precious to me. It keeps giving me the energies and uNarchies* I need to #KeepWalking

Oh yes, do please visit my freshly renovated website. Let me know what you think of it. I am very eager to get some feedback.

Goodnight! :)

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